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Law Review Index for the Month of February 2016

Attorney & Client-Advertising By Lawyers
Regulation Of Lawyers' Use Of Competitive Keyword Advertising, 2016 University Of Illinois Law Review 103.

Attorney & Client-Attorney-Client Confidentiality
When Innocence Is Confidential: A New And Essential Exception To Attorney-Client Confidentiality, 56 Santa Clara Law Review 147 (2016).

Colleges & Universities-Academic Freedom
SYMPOSIUM: Academic Freedom For The Next 100 Years, 91 Indiana Law Journal 1 (Winter 2015).

Colleges & Universities-Race Conscious Admissions
A Market Analysis Of Race-Conscious University Admissions For Students Of Color, 93 Denver Law Review 173 (2015).

Constitutional Law-Equal Protection Clause
Unequal Protection, 68 Stanford Law Review 151 (January 2016).

Constitutional Law-First Amendment
Content-Neutral And Content-Based Regultions Of Speech: A Distinction That Is No Longer Worth The Fuss, 67 Florida Law Review 2081 (November 2015).

Constitutional Law-First Amendment
SYMPOSIUM: The New Age Of Communication: Freedom Of Speech In The 21st Century, 65 Enory Law Journal 197 (2015).

Constitutional Law-First Amendment
Speech-Facilitating Conduct, 68 Stanford Law Review 1 (January 2016).

Constitutional Law-Qualified Immunity
The New Qualified Immunity, 89 Southern California Law Review 1 (November 2015).

Constitutional Law-Religion
Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should: Equal Protection, Free Speech, And Religious Worship, 36 Northern Illinois University Law Review 58 (Fall 2015).

Constitutional Law-Religion
Granting Exemptions From Legal Duties: When Are They Warranted And What Is The Place Of Religion?, 93 University Of Detroit Mercy Law Review 89 (Winter 2016).

Constitutional Law-Second Amendment
The Right To Remain Armed, 93 Washington University Law Review 1 (2015).

Copyright Law-Digital Effects
Is Copyright Dead In The Digital Age?, 41 The Journal Of Corporation Law 509 (Winter 2015).

Copyright Law-Fair Use Doctrine
Transformative Teaching And Educational Fair Use After Georgia State, 48 Connecticut Law Review 473 (December 2015).

Corporations & Associations-Socially Conscious Corporations
Socially Conscious Corporations And Shareholder Profit, 84 The George Washington Law Review 121 (January 2016).

Criminal Law-Parental Responsibility Laws
Women At The Forefront: Laissez-Faire Sexism, Mother Blaming, And Parental Responsibility Laws, 36 Women's Rights Law Reporter 164 (Winter 2015).

Criminal Law-Pregnant Drug Use
Denying The Dyad: How Criminalizing Pregnant Drug Use Harms The Baby, Taxpayers And Vulnerable Women, 82 Tennessee Law Review 745 (Summer 2015).

Criminal Law-Sexual Offenses
The Case Against Affirmative Consent: Why The Well-Intentioned Legislation Dangerously Misses The Mark, 77 University Of Pittsburgh Law Review 51 (Fall 2015).

Criminal Law-Stand Your Ground
"Stand Your Ground" And Self-Defense, 42 American Journal Of Criminal Law 89 (Spring 2015).

Criminal Procedure-Confessions
Common Sense And The Law Of "Voluntary" Confessions: An Essay, 68 Maine Law Review 119 (2016).

Criminal Procedure-Search & Seizure
SYMPOSIUM: The Fourth Amendment In The 21st Century, 48 Texas Tech Law Review 1 (Fall 2015).

Criminal Procedure-Search & Seizure
Restoring Reason To The Third Party Doctrine, 100 Minnesota Law Review 985 (February 2016).

Criminal Procedure-Search & Seizure
Digital Duplications And The Fourth Amendment, 129 Harvard Law Review 1046 (February 2016).

Criminal Procedure-Search & Seizure
"U Can't Touch This" Fog Line: The Improper Use Of A Fog Line Violation As A Pretext For Initiating An Unlawful Fourth Amendment Search And Seizure, 36 Northern Illinois University Law Review 1 (Fall 2015).

Criminal Procedure-Search & Seizure
Redefining Reasonable Seizures, 93 Denver Law Review 53 (2015).

Criminal Procedure-Sentencing
Incarceration Incentives In The Decarceration Era, 69 Vanderbilt Law Review 71 (January 2016).

Criminal Procedure-Sentencing-Federal
The Puzzling Persistence Of Acquitted Conduct In Federal Sentencing, And What Can Be Done About It, 49 Suffolk University Law Review 1 (2016).

Criminal Procedure-Wrongful Convictions
Identifying The Culprit In Wrongful Convictions, 82 Tennessee Law Review 975 (Summer 2015).

Evidence Law-Hearsay
Posnerian Hearsay: Slaying The Discretion Dragon, 67 Florida Law Review 1861 (November 2015).

Food & Drug Law-Food Fraud Litigation
Tracing The Evolution Of Food Fraud Litigation: Adopting An Ascertainability Standard That Is "Natural," 34 The Review Of Litigation 609 (Summer 2015).

Health Law-Mental Illness
SYMPOSIUM: Legal Borders And Mental Disorders: The Challenge Of Defining Mental Illness, 2015 Utah Law Review 743.

Intellectual Property Law-America Invents Act
The Great Balancing Act: The Effect Of The America Invents Act On The Division Of Power Between The Patent And Trademark Office And The Federal Circuit, 69 Vanderbilt Law Review 217 (January 2016).

Labor & Employment Law-Constructive Discharge
Clarifying Constructive Discharge, 50 University Of San Francisco Law Review 103 (2016).

Labor & Employment Law-Discrimination In The Workplace
The Restorative Workplace: An Organizational Learning Approach To Discrimination, 50 University Of Richmond Law Review 487 (January 2016).

Labor & Employment Law-Discrimination In The Workplace
Rethinking Employment Discrimination Harms, 91 Indiana Law Journal 393 (Winter 2016).

Labor & Employment Law-Ex-Offenders
When Any Sentence Is A Life Sentence: Employment Discrimination Against Ex-Offenders, 93 Washington University Law Review 45 (2015).

Labor & Employment Law-Ex-Offenders
A Call To Reform State Restrictions On Hiring Of Ex-Offenders, 12 Stanford Journal Of Civil Rights & Civil Liberties 121 (February 2016).

Labor & Employment Law-Retaliation
Retaliation And The Reasonable Person, 67 Florida Law Review 2031 (November 2015).

Patent Law-Exhaustion
Exhausting Patents, 63 UCLA Law Review 122 (January 2016).

Prisons & Prisoners-Inmate Litigation
Fraud, Mistake, And Section 1983 Prison Claims: Why The Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure Should Be Amended To Require Heightened Pleading For Section 1983 Inmate Litigation, 65 DePaul Law Review 213 (Fall 2015).

Prisons & Prisoners-Sexual Assault
Inevitable Horrors: Sexual Assault In Prison, 60 Saint Louis University Law Journal 145 (Fall 2015).

Statutes-Statutory Interpretation
Dueling Canons, 65 Duke Law Journal 909 (February 2016).

Tax Law-Tax Penalties
Improperly Burdened: The Uncertain And Sometimes Unfair Application Of Tax Penalties, 35 Virginia Tax Review 1 (Summer 2015).

Trials-Jury Selection
Batson In Transition: Prohibiting Peremptory Challenges On The Basis Of Gender Identity Or Expression, 116 Columbia Law Review 195 (January 2016).

Expert Prevalence, Persuasion, And Price: What Trial Participants Really Think About Experts, 91 Indiana Law Journal 353 (Winter 2016).